Kamado Kalling

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My Kamado Kalling

I’m down on my knees “k” with blistered hands and torn jeans.
We are all human and some of us are “grillers”looking for answers.
Yearning to grill and seek out the thrill to fill our plates with smokey fire flashed fare!
I stand here grateful for platefuls of pleasure I produce at my leisure.

These tapas treasures go down so fine with a rich glass of wine.
Its down right sublime, quite possibly devine!
This is kamado time and today I feel so fine!

We will dance through the smoke and enjoy a few jokes while kamado’s earthen walls answer our taste buds calls and cravings while we party into the night!
Give my respects to gas and wish him well for I know time will tell as we all say farewell to the hard sell story and all its glory.

I did my best to notice when my kamado calling came down the line.
Sometimes I got so nervous I could feel fear shooting right up my spine.
So I cut the cord and will eternally never be bored.
By taking this leap I’ve learned the valleys are deep but the climb has been so much steeper!

This simple message so vital, perhaps even tidal and the waves of pleasure could and should be used as a measure to score the happiness you will feel when you seal your own kamado deal and feel the vibe this lifestyle offers.

So with my eyes on the road ahead and hands firm on this truck wheel I dream of home tonight, that party was outta site!
My heart beats fast and I want this feeling to last!
I’ve been this way almost ten years to the day and I guess I’ll keep on ramblin on, singing this kamado song, for all who care to listen!