Grateful To Be The Griller

posted on October 7th 2011 in Griller's Words with 0 Comments

Still Grateful To Be The Griller!

Yeah grillers, I’m back, but then again, I never left.
I’ve been hang’in all this time preach’in the kamado word and doin fine.
Bring’in my fire to decks across this land, that’s it people, take my “gto” hand!
Education, inspiration, rhyme’in off specs and cashing cheques.
This kamado thing is like an infectious bee sting!
Social media and wikipedia fuel my drive as I strive to spread a message loud and clear with no fear!

Dancing to my own beats and perfecting my smokey treats, representing grillers all across the world,
I’m not just a pretty face with crazy ass curls!
Sticky, saucy, icky, thicky, wings drip’in like honey while my fans allow me to make some money!
To party with the people and the rest they say is yet to come and I still have love for these grilling street’s, various cuts and all those meats.
Rubs and glazes, sweet phsycodelic phases!

Cool’in on the corner with fire and wine
clients, guest’s all feelin fine!
The time is now to seize this day, the kamado cooker is here to stay!
Proportion blown, Grateful Griller, home grown!
GTO ways ain’t no trendy phase but a way of being that you will crave!
A life saver with sky high flavors, wrapped so tight, no need to put up a fight.
Forget the labour and focus on the love, it will set you free like a morning dove!

Grateful Griller’s the name, I believe I’m ahead of my game!
Wake up in the AM to season my meat,
tonight my friends you are in for a treat!
Sit back, relax, enjoy the show and witness these grilling games morph and grow!
Star, spangled, banner sky makes me feel so freaking high!
Big dipper, mojito sipper, cruise through this night, the vibes have never felt so right!
To grill and chill and fill our hearts with kamado delight as we welcome a tequila sunrise!

G to the G…………..