Which Kamado Seal Is The Real Deal?

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Hello grilling friends!

As I look ahead to the coming week my concept turns four years old as of the 8th of May this year and when I pause to think about all I have learned on this journey with the kamado cooker it feels a lot more like a decade that I have been at this passion of mine. True enough, I have been cooking with and over kamado fire for well over a decade but the business officially launched May 8, 2008. In that time, my journey has seen me selling kamado’s out of the back seat of my VW to grilling everything and anything in the streets of my home town here in Wakefield, Quebec Canada for passers by to launching what is now known as The Grateful Griller Party Experience and to once again be getting back into selling two of the best kamado brands on the market today being Kamado Joe, ( look out Big Green Egg) and Primo, ( oval versatility is so hard to beat).

Indeed, many things have happened along the way, many friendships made and much has been learned about the kamado cooker, how it works, how it gets better with age and how it silently has the ability to keep people coming back for more delicious fare with every new coarse that hits its grill. I have also been fortunate to have developed solid business relationships which feel more like friendships with the manufactures of some of these marvellous earthen vessels over the last number of years and its for this reason that I am grateful to pass my knowledge onto you all! Not that they like everything I say or write all the time but that’s the beauty of being an un-biased, transparent resource for the category and product, you get the facts without the fiction from The Grateful Griller!

One such relationship is with a man by the name of Dennis Linkletter, principle owner and passionate kamado wizard king behind the creation known as the Komodo Kamado This product in a short eight year time period has revolutionized many aspects to the kamado as a product and I believe is going to be the reason the industry sees more higher end products emerge in the near future that resemble it. Now, it must be stated that its next to impossible and unfair to compare this product to the likes of any other kamado product in the current marketplace exception to “Pro Joe” by “Kamado Joe” if for no other reason than its build quality which for the record, you pay for and pay big! I have often stated it is like comparing Toyota ( fyi friends, I own and drive one) to the likes of an Aston Martin, ( fyi, I don’t own one but I dream of the day I do) not really fair but design detail and performance is obviously at the very top of this companies agenda when you get the chance to use the product as I have done for about a year and a half to date.

That brings me to a design detail albeit a critical one as it relates to the seal between the tops and bottoms of these cookers. I have blogged in the past on my disappointment with the quality or lack there of with products like Big Green Egg and Primo ( the later for which I sell today for the record) from day one when it comes to the gaskets that are supposed to adhere and function for at least a year but honestly it could be three weeks or two years or two days but the bottom line with my experience is the quality is not there hence the reason they are guaranteed for 30 days. I will also point out that Primo has made big efforts recently to produce a much better quality gasket and glue ( which I have tested and like a lot more) for their units and with my experience Kamado Joe and GrillDome in the $500-$1500 category make the best in the business for both durability and function. Both my cookers from these brands have the original felt gaskets for almost two years to date and they are still going strong.

A tip to those folks out there who are fed up with the standard F-26 weather stripping type gaskets like on the Big Green Egg, look into “Nomex” my friends and you will thank me later! As a matter of fact I need to pay it forward to Fred Bernardo down in the USA at Fred’s Music and BBQ, for educating me on the latest cure for gasket pain, thanks Fred for all your time and character over the phone and love your passion! An additional note on Nomex, its not food grade approved but then again neither is the 3M Super 77 spray adhesive you need to use to apply the Nomex so bring it on if it saves me the extra hassle and frustration.

For the person who has best in class regardless of price on the mind, Komodo Kamado has refined the gasket issue ten fold by manufacturing a CNC ( computer numerical control) laser cut lip on both the lid and base of their three layer constructed cookers and incorporated a food grade approved silicone seal that’s the cats meowwwwww when it comes to a true seal between the top and bottom of the cooker which means when that lid is shut tight the seal in fact is tighter than Elvis’s bell bottoms in his best years! As I have learned over time, the more heat and moisture you keep in the cooker, the better the food results are every time and the more efficient your cooker is over the long haul.

So my friends, that’s another ditty for the grateful vault and I hope each and every one of you are having an awesome Sunday and hopefully you are doing what I am doing, grilling, chilling and dreaming of tonights meal! Until we meet again,

Feed the fires and desires to take all your grilling games higher!





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  • acupunc

    commented on May 6, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    OK. . . this even more pushes me toward the Grill Dome or the Komodo Kamado.
    Not really a fan of all the non-stainless steel on some of these and the pains I’ve heard over and over about the gaskets is a little disheartening considering these are usually about $1k for a setup.

    Costco is carrying a Vision Kamado Classic. In my neck of the woods (US) Costco has them for $569 and this includes the nest with side tables, double stainless racks, cover. . . and I think that’s about it.

    Here’s a YT video of an unpacking of it:

    Not too bad for the price Vs. BGE IMO. Could do some serious damage to other Kamado sales.

    But I’m still thinking hard on the KK :)

    It’ll be a few months till we move and I’ll make the decision then and if I’m still uncertain I’ll hit you up for more info. Until then I’ll keep reading. . .


    • chefmiguel

      commented on May 6, 2012 at 10:20 pm

      Hello from The Grateful Griller!

      Well, you have a very important and economic decision to make between GrillDome and the KK. GrillDome have very good build quality and apart from colour options which are great the auto hinge is best in category and price today and the company are totally committed to satisfying their customers needs. Don’t be too concerned with painted steel but I will admit stainless is a nice bonus! As for Costco and any major’s product in this category, be CAREFUL! It’s all about lowest price and volume and corners are cut on quality all the time. That “Vision” kamado is a re-birth of a product known as Dragon Fire and honestly, it worked really well in testing a few years back re: the ceramics but its all the other stuff that was cheaply made and didn’t last the test of time. I am a firm believer in the fact that there are a handful of manufactures who really care about build quality today and they are all striving to make better and more innovative products on a yearly basis. If you go the route of the KK, welcome to the next dimension but with that said your chicken, steak or pork shoulder won’t taste that much better but its the experience of using the KK that is so exciting and the build quality is superb and the customer service is outstanding on all levels! Feed your fires!

      • acupunc

        commented on May 6, 2012 at 11:12 pm

        Thx. . . much to consider.

        • chefmiguel

          commented on May 7, 2012 at 11:27 am

          Pleasure is mine……


      • acupunc

        commented on May 6, 2012 at 11:13 pm

        Thx. . . much to consider. . . leaning slightly toward Grill Dome. At least I’ve got a couple months to contemplate.

        • chefmiguel

          commented on May 7, 2012 at 11:26 am

          No worries at all! Thanks for engaging with my site and rest assured you have many choices out there and quality ones as well! Feed the fires!