Stairway To Kamado Heaven (presents) A Spring Hinge Like No Other!

posted on May 16th 2012 in Kamado-ology with 0 Comments

Hello grillers!!!!!!!!!!

So back in the Fall of 2010 when I first took delivery of the product known as the Komodo Kamado I had no idea what I was in for, honestly, without a word of a lie, I thought I knew what was going to be delivered to my deck but the truth is that this kamado blew my mind then and continues to blow my mind now. I know, I know! I’m supposed to be the objective passion driven self confessed global advocate for the category but let’s face facts here for a second people, THIS COOKER AND ALL ITS ENGINEERING DETAILS are in a word, AWESOME!

In fact, there are so many finite details to examine on this perfect refractory beast that I often have to double check my speaking points before I shoot any video just to make sure that I’ve covered everything and haven’t missed an important detail but the truth is that I’m only human and I miss details all the time but I assure you all I am working on getting better by the day! One of these finite details with the Komodo Kamado is the F1 designed, Tigg welded, CNC laser cut spring hinge mechanism at the rear of this vessel that aids in counter balancing the exquisite lid that mates perfectly to its base thanks in part to this gob smacking coil and hinge!

I mean it resembles technology that you just might find on an actual Formula 1 racing car! To think all it takes is a wrench, ( which for the Komodo Kamado record) is included with your delivery to adjust this mechanism so it perfectly and effortlessly stays balanced is nothing short of amazing considering how much freaking weight it’s holding up! The 304 high quality stainless device looks so sweet and to take it a step further it also comes with a protective cover, also made from 304 stainless which fits perfectly into place to protect the coiled body from the elements. This last point is more an issue in our harsh Canadian climate but important to mention nonetheless.

For close to two years now this Komodo vessel has stood tall on this “gto” deck of mine while mother nature hammers it with anything and everything and do you think but a spec of corrosion or damage or even wear can be detected anywhere on this coil and body? Not so much as a pin head of decay or wear can be spotted and that really impresses me to say the least, but you get what you pay for with this brand, hands down.

I do hope that other brands across the board in this kamado category going forward pay closer attention to refining their own spring hinges in the future because after all, the lids to these kamado cookers are heavy and if we are talking about the XL models by companies like Primo, Kamado Joe, and BGE, to name only a few, the issue of heavy lids gets taken to an even greater level. I have been very open and complimentary to GrillDome, within the $500-$1500 price range from day 1 because its obvious they have not cut corners and have been innovative without a doubt as to the direction they have been going with their technology and I’m sure they will win more fans in the future because of this feature with their product.

When all is said and done I personally LOVE innovative ideas of any kind! This is coming from a humble guy who doesn’t pretend to be a wannabe engineer or uber tech geek, just a passionate kamado obsessed individual who loves cooking over natural lump in these marvellous earthen vessels! I also think we have to give credit where credit is due to guys like Dennis Linkletter and the Komodo Kamado company for taking it all to the next level when it comes to this category and I have no doubt whatsoever that his product will inspire many more people and companies to sit up and take stock and move forward to try and change their own games in the very near future.

I for one will be waiting to see it all take shape! Until we meet again my friends, feed all your kamado fires and desires to take every one of your grilling games higher!