Boogie With Kamado Stew!

posted on October 16th 2012 in Griller's Words with 0 Comments

Stir and pour on this grateful floor,

Only two more steps as we journey through the next door, and onto our global grilling tour.

We have now grown wings grillers and its our time to soar!

I called it way back when that you were and are a perfect 10!

A mere roll of the dice has worked out nice as our spice is now twice as potent as it was before.

All these kamado stories and ancient loar, makes me want to hit the floor and dance until I’m in that familiar trance.

With clan and kilt on fire, no one will ever be able to call me a liar.

I’ll except the title of squire as we collectively summon our grilling games to go higher!!!

Promise me you crazy grilling jesters that no one in these houses of the holy kamado will allow themselves to fester and cave in to committing the ultimate sin of acceptance of conventional wisdom.

See, here’s the thing, once you’re under its spell you just want to sing and slip on that Kojin Ring!

That’s one tattoo that’ll never be taboo and most will never even know or have a clue that it in fact is the bonding glue to the ancient archives that are the reason I wear my grateful shoes.

Let’s not sing economic blues but instead choose to pay this story forward for all who answer life’s ultimate call to chill, grill and try never to spill as we fill our brother’s plate with kamado stew!

I’m so grateful for the times we have shared and if I should not return from this firey trip just know I cared.

You have always stood by me even when I lost the plot and dam near destroyed the lot.

I pulled up and in and swallowed all past sins and got on with our task at hand by assembling this band of merry pranksters!

So take note all suits, lay down your corporate flutes cos global grillers have got your number.

Let’s just all kick back in a stress free slumber and get comfy on life’s lumber.

Please pass the ice, oh yeah, that’s nice, some gin on the chin makes me wanna press the pin to the floor and accelerate through the next grilling door and leave all life’s grilling floors blazing……….

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