“GTO” Addiction

posted on October 21st 2012 in Griller's Words with 0 Comments

If the drug is your drink, does the drink make you dream of heavenly places to be?

Perhaps by the ocean or the sea, on hot golden sand while the band in your hand plays on.

This heart of mine is on fire, to push lines, loves and limits.

Be it hot or be it cold, this grateful gig will never fold.

I see the parties in my head, all of us breaking bread and the kamado at the centre of it all as green leaves turn yellow and red and welcome fall.

All those little coals, like independent fire’y souls summoning us to feel the fire and savour the tastes, this lifestyle leaves nothing to waste.

What do you say to a sifter of Courvoisier?

Spark that cigar and let’s kick back and gaze at the stars while we design our own kind of cooker and take it to mars!

I’ve seen it in my head and feel it in my heart, the chance to go back to the start are gone forever.

We shall take these parts which equal our whole and move them forward on this grilling roll.

It’ll be so neat, a story so complete, born in the business street for all to tweet, or not.

A commonality reaching the four corners of the globe brought together by kamado as we dance and dawn our grilling robes.

Ask not the question, why should we believe, but instead acknowledge the notion of what we can achieve with all natural elements we have been granted, I for one know they have left me enchanted.

So as we continue to grill and chill on deck scape’s fit for a king, let us not forget one very important thing.

Let’s be grateful for the now, reflect fondly on the past and at all cost live tomorrow as if it were to be our last……

Feed the fires…….