The Excellence Of Epicurean!

posted on December 6th 2012 in Groovy Gear with 0 Comments

Greetings grillers!

Do you ever find yourselves taking a moment while on your decks or in your kitchens to reflect on how fortunate you are to be able to use not just good but great equipment while partaking in your favourite activity being cooking? I can honestly say this happens to me many times in a single week and for a very good reason.

Since 2008 and the early days of my concept I always knew that in order to do my thing as the “griller” I was going to need durable, reliable and great tools/products to pull my parties off. Today I haul over 2000 lbs of gear around with me to my parties and aside from the “Grill Rover” which houses two XL Primo ovals, I travel with everything you can imagine that’s needed to feed anywhere from 25 to 125 people in one shot.

I haul coolers, party tents, knives, gear bags, food prep containers, serving trays, cast iron cook ware, and the list goes on and on! The other critical and essential bit of gear I simply have to have are cutting boards. Never before have I had the pleasure like I have using the incredible products produced by Epicurean out of the USA. Now, for the record these guys have been flowing me product for the last three years so I’m totally biased on this topic but honestly and as I have come to discover there is nothing out on the North American market today that comes remotely close to the quality that this company pumps out.

I remember my wife purchasing my very first Epicurean cutting board for me back in 2006. It was perfect for kitchen use for cutting everything from veg to fruits and meat as well. The point is, that cutting board along with many others by this company travel with me where ever I go today and they are a constant reminder of how good the quality truly is.

Epicurean clearly pride themselves on being unique with their esthetic look, feel and function. All their products are eco friendly to the core and dishwasher safe not to mention in some cases, heat resistant as well. One feature that really means a lot to me is the fact that their cutting surfaces are extremely knife friendly because if you love great knives as I do, you want to make sure those blades last and these guy have you covered without fail and I must point out that all products are made in the US of A!

The sheer amount of intelligent, well thought out products is enough to blow anyone’s mind, sky high! There clearly isn’t a cutting board design these guys haven’t thought about and if there is just wait for it cus ya know it’s coming! The other aspect which is really cool about Epicurean is the obvious devotion to leaving a small eco foot print on the earth and it comes through loud and clear on their website.

FSC and NSF standards are a common theme to many of their products and the “Milk’N It” campaign brings an entirely new spin to what really can be achieved (out of the box) with nothing more than a plastic milk jug! I should also point out that it just doesn’t start and stop with cutting boards, NO SIR! These guys produce an incredible assortment of utensils and pizza peels as well and if that weren’t enough and you happen to desire your own Epicurean Island on the outdoor deck, you can have that cake and eat it to!

So, there you have it my friends! If its top quality cutting boards and other awesome cooking/grilling tools and tricks of the trade you desire, to take your own grilling games higher then just be confident that Epicurean has your tail feathers covered in more ways than one!

Until we have the pleasure of engaging again, feed all your fires!