The Black Olive Is Big, Bold & Outta The Box & Built In Minutes!

posted on December 10th 2012 in Kamado-ology with 0 Comments

Greetings my grilling friends!

We all love simplicity, right? I think we do and I’m confident that I personally, LOVE it! I also love the fact that when I buy something, anything for that matter, I really appreciate it when its either pre-assembled or semi assembled. I still scratch my head and often bring it up in conversation with my wife about Ikea’s massive success over the last few decades in North America. I joke with Eva all the time that Ikea must translate to “do it yourself and don’t complain” in English. Whatever the case they are doing something right and its simply not just about the meatballs if ya know what I mean!

The Black Olive kamado cooker is different from any other cooker of its kind on the current marketplace. The fact that it’s the first pellet fuelled kamado of its kind means that it comes with additional hardware and bits and pieces that you’d think would be a nightmare to deal with but the company have taken appropriate steps to ensure that your purchase goes together in less than an hour unless of coarse your local retailer has already pre-assembled for you which is always a bonus.

I had the pleasure and wanted to assemble my test unit myself and hence when I picked it up from my local affiliate being Romantic Fireplaces & Bbq Cave in Ottawa, Canada this past summer it was pretty straight forward. It comes in two very well packaged cardboard boxes and that’s all! Once you get it home I would suggest getting it positioned as close as possible to your final decking destination because this puppy weighs in a lot heavier than your average kamado due in most part to additional hardware attached!

I found the assembly instructions easy to follow and everything in the boxes was packaged very well indeed. The majority of the pieces from the ceramic base and top to the band assists are pretty straight forward and are already pre-assembled. The intricate components like the wiring for the auger and such are colour coded hence it makes it a cinch even for the engineering rookie that I am!

All other bits and pieces are carefully packaged and very easy to unwrap and get into place to ensure you are grilling in no time at all! I was actually pleasantly surprised at not only the time it took to unpack the cooker and all its components but how fast it actually went together considering how much I hate to assemble things of any kind in the first place! Essentially, I chalk it up to something like Lego, easy peasy, just how I like it!

I get it on very good authority that the assembly time has already been drastically reduced even since I took delivery of my cooker based on the fact that the company have done their best to make it that much easier on the end consumer and have taken necessary steps to pre-assemble even more of the cooker, so AWESOME I say! That much less to worry about and you will be smelling that sweet pellet smoke even faster than before!

It doesn’t surprise me one bit that the company are gaining a fan base as quick as they are because when it comes ( as I have learned) to pleasing the end user, these guys are top shelf and their reaction time to address any and all issues is like Usain Bolt, FAST!

Until we meet again my grilling friends, yes you know it, feed your fires!