No Detail Too Small For Komodo!

posted on December 12th 2012 in Kamado-ology with 0 Comments

Yo Grillersss!

I have to admit I’m not a real stickler for detail unless of coarse we’re speaking of cars or bikes or even ski construction but I will admit to being well schooled over the last few years when it comes to the kamado cooker and specifically the Komodo from Indonesia.

I can honestly admit that I have become so much more aware and  have developed a keener eye for detail since acquiring the king of all kamado cookers called Komodo. I’ve also learned to appreciate the time and effort not to mention the research and development that goes into a cooker like this. At first glance the Komodo is simply beautiful! It’s a kind of art and object that just so happens to cook in a variety of ways and makes all food taste nothing less than delicious.

It”s not however until you get up close and start to examine this refractory based vessel that you come to realize how many microscopic details are hidden within its walls and visible on the exterior of the cooker. I choose to only cook with charcoal when operating the Komodo but if you happen to be the kind of person who has a gas line connected to the house via your deck then you are in luck because this vessel has the ability to adapt to a gas user as well. Thanks to a CNC laser cut door at the side of the cooker that’s complete with its own teak knob to gain entry into where your gas hook up connects! Genius!

Why anyone would want to cook this way after tasting the succulent results that charcoal imparts, I do not know but regardless the king of all kamado’s has you covered. Another perk is the fact that the Komodo is totally adaptable to the Bbq Guru or vice versa I should say, thanks to yet more precise construction and detail refinement that enables the Guru to fit like it’s made to look and measure, front and centre on the vessel. If that’s not enough, it also has its own built in, CNC cut portal whole to fit the Guru’s “Viper” blower as well!

Moving your way up the sexy exterior lines of this beauty you come to even more CNC technology with tailored 304 stainless plates that are for your elegantly designed and folding teak tables. The additional 304 steel bolts that secure your tables look like hardware you’d find on the nicest private jet money could buy. Once again, all details, tiny little details that make this cooker best in class and frankly the only one in a class of its own.

A handle that not only feels like its custom made for your own hands but a latch and closing mechanism that’s fun as hell to play with even though its not a toy! The Spring hinge at the back of the cooker does look a lot like a part you may find on an F1 car! Tigg welding coupled with CNC laser technology make this specific and much needed piece not only attractive but oh so cool to look at and if you want to cover it up, no problem, you guessed it, the vessel comes with its own custom fit 304 stainless cover that fits perfectly into position, ( as if thats a surprise! lol!)

A top hat that resembles a dome of sorts screws perfectly into position and acts as a key component with air flow and heat regulation. Thanks in most part to ACME threading, the topper to these Komodo cookers are the only existing screw in toppers on the market and when they close, they close tight sealing in and in some cases shutting down your cooker following your grilling fun!

Once you open the lids to to these vessels its evident right away how perfectly counter balanced the lids are and you can lift the lid with your pinky I might add! Inside gives way to a massive cavity that enables the griller to play with a mere 980 sq. inches of cooking surface! The detail and quality of the grills, three in fact, is also very impressive indeed! Everything fits just so perfectly into position, GENIUS!

If the grills weren’t enough to keep you entertained for hours the lucky owner of one of these cookers can hook up a rotisserie option as well and smoke your brains out while hypnotizing yourself gazing at the spit going round and round! I can only  day dream about this piece because I don’t have it as of yet and although not mandatory its a pretty cool added detail to a cooker that’s already stacked!

Expansion joints are another finer point that can’t be over looked because after all these cookers do in fact expand and contract when fired and these joints aid in that process. The two piece fire box is also an intelligent refinement in contrast to those which are one piece and vulnerable to fracturing. Food grade silicon seals really do seal the deal, literally, and the lips to both the top and bottom portions of the KK have been manufactured to close perfectly and I mean perfectly!

Wouldn’t you know it!!! The charcoal basket is cute, durable and visually enables a person to see just how little charcoal it takes to feed all your fires, next to nothing and re-defines uber efficient! The cherry on the cake is that this entire vessel is custom tiled and grouted with very high end, “elastomeric”, ( Nasa speak for its the shizzle!) ingredients that helps keep all that nice and necessary heat inside the cooker.

As this post title suggests my friends there really hasn’t been a detail that’s gone a miss with this revolutionary product and something tells me its just the start of more incredible things yet to come from the king of cookers called KOMODO!

Until we meet again, feed it!