Part Of Kamado Flame!

posted on April 2nd 2013 in Griller's Words with 0 Comments

Staring into hot flame.

Never the same way twice.

Knowing that one day I will be part of that fire, forces me to take these grilling games higher!

A new day!

A new sun keeps it fun!

Once you commit, you can’t go back!

Emotions running high, I feel like I can fly!

Sunlight heats my wings & all other things.

Time to turn the page and take the stage!

Ebb & flow, that’s how she goes.

Positivity vexing overhead!!!!!!!

Time to break global bread with you all.

Answer the call, answer it now!

No such thing as the past.

This race is our own and no one else’s!

Dream about you for now K, FOREVER!!!!!!!

A special time, a special place.

Just absorb the vibe from the look on my face and take up the chase on this, the endless race to happiness.

When I woke today, I heard my heart say,

It’s time to inspire and fire on all human cylinders.

Through the buzz and fuzz of so many past empty bottles I reach for the throttle & take it to the floor and move swiftly through the next door!

Courtside now with family and friends lends itself well to this plot.

Spot on and bang it in, god knows we’ve taken so much off the chin.

Alas people! Let’s party and let’s play and pray that these feelings never go away!

I am only the messenger and my conduit is “K” & this is how things will stay to the end of my time…