Tile Stompin With Kamado!

posted on May 5th 2013 in Griller's Words with 0 Comments

When I’m around you I feel great.

It’s a state of mind, no such thing as a grind.

You’ve been an angel on my shoulder, when life’s sadder times have crushed me like a boulder.

I know you’re flame will never evade my soul, as long as we have food, family, friends and rock n roll!

So many times on life’s ragged ledge,

The thought of parties to come keeps me back from the edge!


At times I’ve been so lost in the darkest wood, you’re flames have guided me out of the craziest business hood.

I’m making you a deal on our grilling ride, I’ll be the shepherd, if you be my guide.

Words are cheap and talk is fast, we both know, pure passion’s going to make this thing last!

We’re going down to a town called pleasure where the only way you can measure the joy is by how much smoke and fire I will deploy!

As I drive down the highway all I do is sing my song and the current that’s rolling our way reassures this gut feeling of mine isn’t wrong.


I know it’s no race, granted its been a hectic pace and the look on my face shows but a trace of weather and time but rest assured, I’m feeling fine.

I’m going to keep rockin & rollin for miles away & in love I’ll stay with a bigger message that won’t ever fade away.

My, my, hey, hey, kamado grilling’s here to stay.

It’s better to burn it up and sear it to a crisp then wake up in the morning having taken no risk.

As we put it all on the line, worry not good friends, “k”‘s got your ass & you’ll be feeling fine!