Unchained Gr8ful Griller!!!

posted on July 17th 2013 in Griller's Words with 0 Comments

Non stop talker, 24/7 rocker!
Unchained and blazing while my friends are grazing on decks across this land.
To party, to savour all the smoky flavors that come off your grill “k”!
This ain’t love its obsession over my prized possession.
Unchained, and I’ve hit the road running like a “GTO” on fire watchin the smoke and flames rise higher as their plumes resemble church spires that evaporate into the night sky leaving us breathless over their beauty!

Unchained and untamed I know this ain’t about fame but fortune for all to pay it forward!
A chance to show the world how awesome this lifestyle can be “k”!
Head spinning and faces grinning once under this kamado spell one feels the urge to say to hell with the fast lane and the pain, its enough to drive anyone insane!

Let’s refrain from the daily rant and instead start to chant as we summon the ancient grilling gods around our global fire ring and sing the praises of the great kamado!
Like grilling spartans dawning our tartans for all the world to see, feel, taste and experience!
Come one and come all and join our grilling tribe and tap into this vibe for now, forever!!!!!!!!!