My Kamado Odyssey Started With Bacon & A Pickle…..

posted on July 20th 2013 in Kamado Life with 0 Comments

Greetings Grillerssssss!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I know, where the hell did I go? Just on a few trips of late and I had to check out the latest music festivals and scenes that are making their way across our fine country currently and my god are the inde bands out on the roads today awesome!!!!! Best band I’ve seen thus far this summer is a dynamic trio from Wales who call themselves “The Joy Formidable”. Truly a joy, ( understatement) and ¬†spectacular live!

Indeed the urge to crowd surf more than a few times came over me like waves from an ocean as this band threw down track after track of alternative loveliness at this years Ottawa Bluesfest and this griller was grateful to be in the eye of the storm ten rows back from the stage as their sexy and intense lead vocalist who goes by the name of Ritzy Bryan put us all under her beautiful musical spell.

As some of you know I get and have always taken huge inspiration away from the music I listen to and I love nothing more than music being all around me whether I’m at a gig that I’m throwing down or simply by myself creating new recipes and or testing new flavours for my parties. Music is a key and necessary ingredient that drives my grateful engine and without it I’m done, out of gas, no where.

I also love witnessing artists and musicians completely immersed in their own moment of creativity and sharing that with the world at large. I feel this way most days I’m throwing my parties for a paying public. Their property becomes my stage for the day and the kamado cookers are my conduit to spread the message about this wonderful lifestyle which practically no one knows about!

The kamado cooker as I have written about many times is a punk rocker kind of cooker of sorts and for me represents the small guy, the independent guy, the guy who’s not afraid of being unique, different and standing out amongst a world of giants! Much like the inde labels I love listening to and the shows I yearn to see live, I also yearn to create different and delectable dishes every day with my kamado cooker of choice.

The funniest and most delectable party popper and treat that I grill at almost every party I throw today consists of a pickle and a piece of melrose bacon artistically wrapped around that pickle and generously doused in a Canadian maple rub and then drizzled with maple syrup and grilled over direct kamado fire at 375 degrees until the bacon is medium to taste. Then, I simply toss a bit of smoked malden salts over the dish, platter and serve and watch as every little morsel is devoured in mere minutes!

Indeed, of all the dishes and meats and apps and wonderful grilling fare I cook over kamado fire it always seems to come back to the bacon wrapped dill pickle, a.k.a “GTO Pop Darts”. In fact in the very beginning when I really knew that the kamado had sunk its hooks into my soul, its this little weirdo of an appetizer that proved to me that anything is possible with the kamado cooker if you simply trust and go with your imagination!

The other important point to note here as well is that the simplest foods as I’ve learned are always the tastiest and even if they appear wild and wacky in nature and combination at first, they always seem to pleasantly surprise the most ¬†skeptical of onlookers and tasters!

That’s right my grilling friends, if you happen to have the urge and want to trip on over into the world of kamado cooking you will find out in very short delay that there are no boundaries, no walls and no impossibilities. Just fire, smoke and a vessel called kamado that will silently prove to you that anything can be achieved within its earthen walls, anything at all!

Until we dance again my friends,

Feed the fires!