You’re Like My Fire Woman “K”!

posted on August 12th 2013 in Griller's Words with 0 Comments

You Are My Fire Woman “K”
Wound up, can’t sleep, can’t do anything but eat so well since I set my eyes and hands on you.
I’m tell’in you the truth “K”, you are my fire woman.
We are twisting like two flames in a slow dance baby,
you drive me crazy!

Come on little honey, let’s go make some money,
grilling and smoking our way to the highest peaks, it’s time we left these valley’s behind.
I’ve savored your beef and sauced that rack,
you’ve got me trancing like a cat on a hot tin shack!
Lord have mercy, you’re my fire woman “K”!

Come on little sister, its time we played some kamado like twister as we dream of parties and food to come.
Your smoke turns to fire, as our grilling games go higher,
look at those balls of fire dancing into the evening sky!

Burn’in out isn’t in the cards as we play hop scotch into yards across this great land,
come on and take my hand so I can welcome you all to the promised land of plenty!
Your smoke turns to fire and will travel faster, longer and higher until the message is clear for  all to see on the global grilling horizon.

They’ll be freakin in France, ecstatic in England and crazy in Cairo!
Off the hook in the land down under when they all get to experience some Grateful Grill’in  thunder!
All this time they’ve been missing while we’ve been busy kissing our days away!

Chilling, smoking, grilling and blissing over a lifestyle we are preach’in and lesson’s we are teach’in for all who care to listen!
Forever feeding this fire and the desire to take our story and game higher,
every minute, every day, every hour, can’t you feel the kamado power?