I’m Turning Japanese, I Think I’m Turning Japanese, I Really Think So!

posted on September 27th 2013 in Kamado Life with 0 Comments


Greetings once again you bold and beautiful creatures of fire, smoke and everything to do with the funner things in life and on deck with your kamado cooker of choice! Wait a minute, is funner a word? Whatever, I’ve decided I’m making it a word regardless of who says what, DONE! ¬†Seriously my friends, the summer that’s just passed us by was by far one of the wackiest and wildest summers I’ve ever experienced as far as throwing down my little food concept for all to savour and enjoy!

Indeed, a right weirdo of a season regarding weather and a deadly slow start, mostly due to May and June being a complete right off ( to the point of almost constructing my own Arc) and wet as hell but regardless and as the late and great Freddy Mercury once said, “the show must go on” and that it did. As always I want to give a huge shout out to my clients for whom really make each and every one of my parties so unique for no other reason than they’re all so cool and comfortable simply living life large and partying like there’s no tomorrow.

I do feel incredibly fortunate and quite privileged to be getting a front row seat at each and every one of these avant-garde little shin digs and to be able to throw fire and smoke and earn each and everyone of my clients trust to come through for them truly smashes it out of the park for this grateful griller. Sure, I started this small business and concept back in 2008 on nothing more than pure unadulterated PASSION for the kamado cooker and sharing its secrets with the world at large but the truth is that its just starting to get REALLY exciting to say the least. There’s so much to come as we head into the home strait of 2013 and set our sights on a new year and I have a strong feeling it will be the best year yet with many new initiatives finally coming to fruition!

I had to laugh as I’m rocking down the road the other day in the “gto” enterprise and I go reaching for my dusty discs and low and behold, I grab a random mix tape and throw it on and what do ya know, an old Vapors song ( as the title of this post suggests for all you 80’s gen kids out there) comes blasting through my sound system and I’ve not been able to get that dam tune outta my head since. The irony of it all is that the song actually started making me daydream, (note to self, not good to do behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle, fyi) about how in love with the kamado cooker I actually am and like a drug and a positive one at that, I find I need it’s fix every single day for no other reason than I love to grill and chill with those and for those who matter most to me. My clients, my family and my greatest friends!

We aren’t really certain today, ( although, my research tells me and makes me firmly believe without a doubt) that the kamado cooker in fact hails from Japan originally and then China if you trace it back a few thousand years but that aside, this ancient cooking vessel is coming of age once again and my gut is telling me grillers that this awesome little renaissance in natural charcoal fired cooking going on is destined for greatness in a such a natural and healthy way for us all to enjoy!

Indeed, the kamado cooker might never reach critical mass but that in itself would be so cool ¬†if it could remain somewhat punk in an industry landscape full of steel and me too please! Indeed the tribes and vibes that have popped up over the last decade alone are impressive to say the least and now its not just about The Big Green Egg “tour de force” but the GrillDome fans, The Kamado Joe fans, Black Olive rebels, the Vision Grill fans, Safire, Big Shot, Primo, Comet, Komodo, Caliber, Kamado King and indeed the list now seems endless! Might I even suggest that after five years now there may even be a few Grateful Griller fans out there as well.

Whatever the case my grilling friends I do hope to travel again one day and document the kamado’s journey from the “land of the rising sun” to our North American shores and share the experience with all who are the slightest bit intrigued on these ancient earthen and might I add marvellous and magical fire pots I like to refer to as “k”!

So what are you all waiting for? Get yer “K”s on and start your own fire dance and until next time,

Feed the fires!