“Charred & Scruffed” Is A Must For Any Passionate Griller!

posted on November 5th 2013 in Kamado Life with 0 Comments

Good evening grillers!

In an attempt to make up for some lost time after a hectic pace over the last party season I have made it a goal of mine moving forward to post as much useful information and education that I’ve gathered on my travels thus far and above and beyond the expected lifestyle stories that I love to post because after all, that’s why we/I do what we do as passionate grillers on decks across vast landscapes from here in Canada to south of our border, all the way over to Europe and beyond.

We seek out that time every day to grill, chill, cook, smoke, sear, learn and simply savour the moments with those who matter most to us. As I was getting ski equipment ready for the upcoming season the other day and stacking a few cords of wood while re-jigging my deck space here at casa “gto” in preparation for the winter months ahead it occurred to me that I have met some incredible people over the years, collected some incredible books and without a doubt thrown down more than a few awesome parties for some truly great clients. All this to say that the books, people and parties or rather stories from the parties have stacked up and I want to share it all with you, ( exception to some of the party stories, no can do…) and hopefully you will find as much if not more inspiration from the info as I have.

To launch into this share-fest with you all I was given a book last year as a gift called “Charred & Scruffed”. An awesome read and MUST have for the griller who just loves to learn and absorb new ideas about life around and with your cooker of choice. The book follows a reputable chef and cool cat by the name of Adam Perry Lang and its written by Peter Kaminsky, also well known for the other favourite read of mine being “Seven Fires” but more on this later.

Without giving anything away its a real pleasure and easy read, full of some great shots and what I took away from it was just how simple food cooked with fire should really be. Learning the “dance” as I like to call it and the way the alchemy really works is what keeps me coming back for more every day and its become a go to resource for me and here’s hoping you all feel the same!

Until our next rendez-vous, feed the fires!