Gas May Be Fast, But Coal’s In My Soul……

posted on November 7th 2013 in Kamado Life with 0 Comments

Greetings grillers!

Oh, it’s been a fine day on the “gto” deck as I’ve tended to a few kamado fires and treats for the family dinner tonight! Grilled pork chops with mango chutney topping sided with grilled sweet potatoes are in order and a family favourite indeed around here. There’s something truly wonderful about standing in the silence of a kamado cooker that’s gently ticking over and taking care of business in the food department in my humble view. Other than an occasional snap, crackle and pop of the natural lump in the fire bowl its without doubt one of the most peaceful and relaxing of activities I can think of.

It’s become a sort of yoga exercise, (leave out contortion) for me over the last few years I must admit and there’s just something about the smell of the fire and food that makes it all worthwhile and the simplicity of it all can almost put a person into a meditative state of bliss. No digital technology, no wires, cables, gadgets or gizmos, just earth, wind, fire and food et voila! Whether the kamado is fired to 180 or 580 its stress free and seductive to say the very least.

In a world seemingly obsessed with the fast pace and on demand high speed connectivity that’s literally in our hands and pockets where ever we go today its reassuring to me that there is an escape from it all. In fact there are many escapes from speed I guess and thank god for that or else we would all probably be fully and utterly committable to an institution for the insane. As it relates to the world of Bbq on the other hand I often scratch my head in bewilderment and wonder about what’s taking so long for the real shift to happen and for the tipping point to be achieved for not only the kamado cooker but cooking with natural charcoal on a whole. Most definitely, education and exposure are key factors along with accessibility to the fuel source and cookers but I am confident the lifestyle and message will get through on a much larger scale if for no other reason than consumer facts and figures are proving it every year.

I guess much like big oil driving automotive, big gas drives Bbq for the time being but I refuse to believe or buy into the notion that massive change and shift isn’t on the very near horizon and I for one am very much for that change and shift to happen. We’re seeing it all around us and I hope it continues to shift towards unplugging, slowing down and going back to old school ways of building, growing, feeding, nurturing, working and simply slowing right down in order to appreciate the experience for what it is, incredible and if it can be as sustainable as possible, all the better.

I remember back in my competitive nordic  ski racing days when coaches would force us in training camps to slow down so much we  practically wouldn’t be moving so we could actually become in tune and connected on a higher level with every movement and twitch our bodies were making, every pole plant, every glide, every breath we were taking was recognized, optimized and appreciated. All this was in an attempt to help us visualize the bigger picture come race day. Believe it or not, I practice this same kind of exercise today when I cook over primal fire. Indeed, I slow it all right down in order to feel and learn from every action I make and every reaction the fire offers back to me as we dance our way through every meal.

Yes indeed my grilling friends I look forward to the day that the kamado cooker and natural charcoal cooking medium truly hits its critical mass and groove  because then and only then I do believe  people will truly understand the intrinsic value and overall importance of this fine product and lifestyle. Until such time this is one grateful griller who most certainly knows that while gas may be fast, coal will remain in my soul for evermore and for that reason you can count on me to keep paying the message forward.

Feed the fires!