Why So Grateful Mr. Griller?

posted on November 10th 2013 in Kamado Life with 0 Comments

Hello grilling friends!

Here’s hoping you’re all deck side tending fires for the days meals and hanging with those who matter most! So, often times, I get asked about the name and meaning behind this little concept and movement I’ve created over the last six years or so and I’m always more than happy to explain to anyone who happens to be curious about it.

The answer is quite simple and what I normally tell people is that the name just kinda came to me quite naturally one day back in 2006 prior to launching my idea if I recall correctly and frankly I thought to myself back then and to this day, I’m just one grateful and lucky guy for my entire lot in life and my brand name reminds me of that everyday I set forth to do what it is I do so from that perspective its pretty cool.

The real truth and underlying story my grilling friends is that I’m a Jewish born Canadian guy with an Irish Catholic name with not so much as a drop of Irish blood running through my veins but rather Scottish thanks to my mother. You may as well toss a bit of British root and heritage in the mix and oh yeah, the rest of my roots and blood comes from Eastern block Europe, Poland specifically, but most of that side either perished under the Hitler regime or as luck would have it, survived and later landed by boat on both Canadian and American shores from Halifax, Nova Scotia here in Canada all the way down to New York City, USA at the end of the last World War.

Yup, most days grillers, I think to myself, I’m the fortunate son, nephew and grandson of a few remaining Holocaust survivors on my Dad’s side and, great nephew, grandson and great grandson to some pretty remarkable men and women on my Mom’s side  and I also think about the pure chance of my parents ever even meeting considering the circumstances, incredible to say the least and even more reason to feel grateful and lucky I’ll admit! It kinda makes the notion of buying a lottery ticket seem like a joke considering I already feel like I’ve won a few already.

From the camps of Buchenwald, Theresienstadt and Auschwitz to Vimy, Dunkirk and Dieppe I’ll always be truly floored and humbled at the sacrifices all these people so close to me as well as others totally unrelated to me have made for  me and mine and others all over the world. I’ve never been a religious person but a deep faith I’ve always had and the older I get the more I understand why my own Dad always repeated this one line to my brother and I growing up. He used to say, “there but for the grace of God go I boys, and don’t forget it”!

The older I get and the more I reflect on that one line the more it all makes sense to me so, am I grateful you ask? Oh yeah, I’m grateful alright and some, and its my hope that we’ll all strive as people to continue telling and teaching the generations to come how important these people and events were in shaping literally everything we have today where ever we are in the world.

So, here’s to every single man and woman here in our own fine country and beyond who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice to this day, their lives for the better of ours and here’s a clip that puts it all into perspective and worth every second of its viewing.

Thank-you from the bottom of this griller’s heart…..

Feed the fires friends!