Seven Fires Is Simplicity At Its Finest…

posted on November 18th 2013 in Kamado Life with 1 Comments

Good day my grilling friends!

Here’s hoping you all had a great weekend and the kamado fires were blazing for you! So over the next little while I’m going to share some of my absolute favourite cook books that have truly inspired me over the last number of years as I continue my kamado expedition while attempting to inspire as many people as I can on this wonderful cooker and cooking medium. I love books and always have and my philosophy is, why keep them a secret when the whole world should hear about them.

This latest book was given to me as a gift if I recall over a year ago and it showcases the Argentine way of grilling food and follows the life and times of a famous international chef by the name of Francis Mallmann. The book is chalk full of beautiful pictures and simple recipes that you can truly master at home with some practice. Although some of the recipes call for certain equipment that you may not have you can always do as I do and “McGiver” it the best way possible.

What stands out for me the most in this fantastic read is the fact that food cooked in its simplest form is always the best as I’ve learned over time and we really need very little except for a few key and natural ingredients in order to create our own edible masterpieces. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and it can be found at most book stores that have a food inspired section. With the holidays soon approaching it will make that griller in your life truly happy if its found under the tree on Christmas morning!

Dig in, dream big and dance that fire dance my friends!


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  • Derald

    commented on November 26, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Absolutely love the book. Had it for years.