LooftLighter Is Swedish For Genius!

posted on December 1st 2013 in Groovy Gear with 0 Comments

Good Sunday Afternoon my grilling friends from far and wide!

Its not every day that a really, really, really cool not to mention innovative device gets invented that can not only help spark that charcoal cooker of yours up in mere minutes, or less I should say, but it can also turn that old fashioned bellows thats been hanging around the log cabin for the last century or so into a pioneer piece of wall art once you witness how efficient the LooftLighter, is when you simply press its igniter button and witness it do its magic!

Indeed, I had the pleasure back in 2009 of meeting the crew from this fine brand and their fearless leader and inventor, Mr. Richard Looft himself. He’s a fit and spry looking man and much like myself didn’t come from the Bbq Industry business in the beginning, but rather, the theatre, in a director’s role in his native country being Sweden.

Now, if the truth be told grillers, I have a certain fondness towards these folks and the country’s that scatter the majestic geography called Scandinavia. In fact, some of my favourite ski racers in the world come from Sweden and the surrounding and neighbouring countries and once upon a time I had the chance to ski race there myself but due to illness I never did in fact make it.

Nevertheless, I’ve had a go to favourite electric fire starter for the last five years and its name is LooftLighter. Never in a million years did I ever think I would fall head over heels for an electric starter but this device changed my kamado games forever for a number of valid reasons. First off, the LooftLighter is safe, VERY SAFE in fact, to handle, to hold and to not have to worry about once you’ve lit your fire unlike other fully exposed and dangerous electric element lighters that are on the market today.

Secondly, its simple and so well designed and looks pretty slick as well I might add but most importantly, IT WORKS, IT REALLY, REALLY WORKS! It truly is a point and press process and within 60 seconds you have fire in the hole! Not only can the LooftLighter act as your main charcoal starter but if you, like me, have a wood stove in your house there’s nothing better to give that kindling some forced air and in the safest of ways!

To be honest grillers, my favourite feature about this Swedish fire saber is the bottle opener because as we all know there’s nothing quite like a cold beer next to a blazing fire on a cold winters day, eh? LooftLighter’s sell at retail for between $79-$89.95 and can be found at most reputable Bbq retail locations across North America and online.

Well, that’s it for now and I must get back to this awesome gluten free pizza recipe I’ve been crafting today and crank this new “Broken Bells” record of mine, so until we meet again my friends, feed those fires!