Fuel21 Fire Starter Is The New Sustainable Game Changer!!!

posted on December 19th 2013 in Groovy Gear with 0 Comments

Good Evening grilling friends from far and wide!

It’s with great excitement that I share this latest post with you all for a number of reasons. First, I feel incredibly fortunate to have come across this fantastic product called“Fuel21″, about five months ago while on a bit of a mission to dig deeper into the world of fire gels and such for starting your charcoal cookers and even your wood stoves at home not to mention your favourite kamado cooker of choice!

Secondly, I’ve had the opportunity over the last few months to engage and get to know one hell of a nice guy and 50% of the team that spear heads this young company and his name is Brian Madden. Both he and his Father started the American based Fuel21 about three years ago and both men come from very interesting pasts. Tom comes from a military background and later became a very successful restaurant supply specialist and son Brian came from a pro sports background so even more fascinating and intriguing that they have both ended up with not just another product for sale but in my humble view and from the little bit I’ve learned thus far about what they have created with Fuel21, this product will define and change the game entirely within the industry that they are a player in currently.

From the moment I started my expedition with the kamado cooker back in 2001 I always knew that one should never start a fire inside the kamado cooker, ( or any other cooker for that matter) with ANY toxic or additive laced filler because whatever additive or chemical was being used to help aid a quick starting fire was ending up being absorbed into the walls of the cooker, ( let alone the harmful effects on the environment) and it could leave and most likely would leave an awful after taste on whatever it was you were intending on cooking.

Enter Fuel21 into the equation and the official fuel of the 21st century grilling friends. I happened to find this product quite by accident at my local Canadian Tire store and I was instantly drawn to it for a number of reasons but first and foremost it didn’t resemble any fire starter that I had come across ever before. Everything from the packaging to the branding and most importantly the product itself is different in many, many ways as I’ve quickly learned. Most fire starter products that are gel based look like your typical chemical based product complete with hazard warnings and that infamous “danger” icon with the flammable symbol attached to it. Fuel21 is the first product I’ve ever found that is just the opposite because its a totally sustainable product and completely chemical free from tip to tail, end of story.

So, does it work is the next question and the answer is, indeed it does, and it works so well in fact that after my initial testing of this product in my own kamado cookers it took me no more than a few weeks to conclude that finally I’d found not only a ground breaking and new fire starting technology but my gut was telling me that this product could very well end up getting front page press time in the years and months to come based on just how innovative and safe it is for not only human consumption but for the environment as well.

So what’s so special about Fuel21 you may ask? Truthfully my friends, it comes down to what its main ingredient is, sugarcane! Unlike companies producing corn based ethanol gels which would have you believe that they are safe and sustainable and environmentally sound, its the exact opposite that’s true. Corn based ethanol and its production is anything but environmentally sound and it would seem, especially based on how much press the subject is currently getting that the race is on to find far better solutions and products and ways and means to produce these products and it would appear that Fuel21 is clearly and already well on their way in this regard!

It should also be mentioned that Fuel21 also produces products for government as well as the food service industry and all their products are 100% recyclable, reusable and in some cases re-fillable as well. Fuel21 is non-toxic, non chemical, non explosive and odorless. Its safe to burn both indoors and outside, is water soluble and is 100% petroleum free.

So there you have it grillers, another post and great product and company to report on and you can currently find Fuel21 products at your local Canadian Tire location here in Canada selling for around $10 per 16oz bottle and something tells me it won’t be long before it’s available in many other fine retail locations across our country!

Until our next grilling rendez-vous, feed your fires!