Fuel21 & The Grateful Griller Join Forces In Canada!!!

posted on January 24th 2014 in Groovy Gear with 0 Comments

Good day grilling friends!

Well, the day had to come when I got my sales and marketing boots on once again and hit the road to build a brand and more importantly awareness of a great product produced by a great up and coming company called Fuel21, http://www.fuel21st.com/why_fuel21.html! That’s right my friends, Fuel21 and your’s truly have agreed to combine forces and work together in Canada moving forward and I’m very excited about the future for this exciting not to mention innovative product!

For the last six months or so I have literally been buried in research and learning all I can about biofuels and what I have learned has been both frightening and fabulous all at the same time. Frightening because what I’ve learned about corn based ethanol specifically, is terrible, not only for our planet but for the global pocket book as well. Corn based ethanol’s are also chemically based despite the “green” marketing stories and environmental “love in” pitches that you may here out there. The fabulous part of the equation is simply the fact that moving forward I believe we are going to be able to see and experience and use chemical free and totally sustainable products like Fuel21 and that personally excites me very much!

Fuel21 first caught my eye last year as I had been conducting personal research and trying to find a healthy, green and chemical free fire starting gel that could be used in a kamado cooker and I kept running into brick wall after brick wall until of course and quite by accident I came across Fuel21.

Touted by the company as the Fuel of choice for the 21st Century and beyond this product has not only impressed me but as I have become much more familiar with it and have been testing its performance over the last number of months the obvious notion to get together with this brand and work with them started interesting me in a very big way and why you may ask? Well, its simple. A product like Fuel21 doesn’t come around every day and more importantly to be part of a new and healthy not to mention innovative product and the people behind it seems like a great goal.

It also goes far beyond that for me as well in that I have been very fortunate over the years and stemming back to my sporting goods business years I had some fantastic opportunities to get on board with some phenomenal brands and represent them as they were just about to take flight and come off the tarmac to global recognition. Sure its nice to be able to pay the bills as well and get paid fairly for a hard days work but for me personally the idea of being and playing part in a much larger movement for the better of both people and the planet really motivates me!

Fuel21 is now being sold to Canadian Tire across Canada and the brand have two distinct products that are exceptional to work with being their standard 16oz squeeze bottle fire starter that can be purchased for approximately $10 and their chafing dish fuel that comes in two formats, 2 hour and 4 hour burn size canisters. Our focus moving forward in the Canadian market place will be three fold. First we will be focussing on the growing fishing, camping, hunting and general sporting goods markets followed by the food service industry and finally government agencies.

If you are working and or owning a business related to any of the above listed industries here in Canada and would like to contact us for further information and or to sell our product at retail please get in touch with me as we’d love to hear from you!

So, there you have it my friends and until we meet again, you all know the drill!

Feed the fires!