Grateful Grilling Train Rolls Into 2014!!!

posted on March 22nd 2014 in Kamado Life with 0 Comments

Hello grillers from far and wide & long time no chat indeed!

If some of you thought I disappeared into the fire filled smoky abyss of winter you’d be partially right but the truth is I took some much needed down time to re-charge the blogging fingers and brain and simply carve turns throughout the winter and reflect on what’s been a truly amazing journey with the kamado cooker to date!

I honestly don’t know where the time has gone but its gone by and gone by fast I’ll admit. I remember back when I made that first kamado purchase, I had two year old girl and today that two year old girl is cresting on the teenage years and I’ve been all over North America tracking the progress of this cooker and niche market that’s truly starting to blow up all around us.

So, as we still have four feet of snow in our midst in this part of the country, true spring weather is taking its sweet old time to get to us this year but frankly, if I can steel away a few more days of turns and sharing friendly pints slope side I will. This May will mark six years that I’ve been telling kamado inspired stories and searching out some truly great products and connecting with equally as cool people who bring these products to us every year.

My search in this department will continue as I believe more than ever that the real battle for market share in North America with the kamado players in the game has never been hotter than now and the choices and options that you have have increased ten fold in the last few years with not only great cookers but the accessory options available to take your own grilling games higher have also never been more abundant than now!

I’m also stoked to report that my website and blog layout is in the final phases of a fresh look and update and as always there will be some grateful surprises being unveiled by mid April as I take the passion factor to new and inspiring levels as I continue to stay determined and driven in my role as a rebellious independent kamado obsessed griller to bring the unbiased and transparent truth about the product and category to the masses at large all over North America and beyond!

I’m also thrilled to report that my party options and services moving forward have increased and starting this party season I will be offering not one but three awesome choices with multiple pricing options starting at $30 per head for the new “pop up party experience” right across the board to the “main grateful party event” which has now become a standard in this neck of the woods which stays put at $60 per head.

I’m also looking forward to pursuing and conducting some great interviews with industry experts and hitting the road to talk to the masses of people across our continent who have pledged allegiance to the kamado way of life and invested in their brand of choice and finding out what inspired them to do so.

With a fresh outlook on the kamado category and full tank of newly acquired inspiration on staying focussed on being creative in the way I deliver my posts I can’t wait to simply keep telling it as it is and absorbing as much within the niche market as I possibly can and sharing it with you all is what I’ll be doing. Stay tuned for updates and fire filled, musically inspired tales from the grateful road and vault and at all costs my grilling friends,

never stop feeding the fires of life!

Let’s rock n roll and raise a glass to friends, family, food, music and the kamado cooker!

Peace & Pop Tarts!