KK’s The Aston But KJ’s Pro Joe Resembles That Of A Bugatti Veyron…..

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Greetings my kamado obsessed grilling friends!

Oh my, my, my what it must feel like to live like the rich do and be able to jet set to far off places from one weekend to the next in your own chopper perhaps or by boat or should I say yacht like the ones you see docked in Abu Dhabi or Monaco on F1 race weekend.

I must admit I’ve never been to Abu Dhabi and I’ve only come within a thirty minute drive of Monaco and no, I’ve never been on a ten million dollar yacht amidst the sweet aroma of finely aged cigars and the clinking of Baccarat champagne  flutes but I have had the good fortune of being in the presence of some of the finest crafted kamado cookers this world has to offer and for that I’m truly grateful.


One such product sits on my “gto” deck here at Casa grateful and as I’ve mentioned in many a blog post before, its thanks to companies like Komodo Kamado and their fearless leader Dennis Linkletter that we are seeing a trend if not mere spike in finer quality cookers starting to pop up in various places and being produced by other companies who are just now emerging in the  kamado market.


One such company is Kamado Joe and my thoughts at first, going back to 2009 were that they appeared to be on a mission to chase down market share in category of which the majority today is owned and dominated by The Big Green Egg with their versions of similarly styled and designed high fired ceramic cookers.


It’s without question in my view today that KJ are focussed and driven on being the best alternative to BGE in the market if you haven’t already drunk the green cool aid but regardless, what impresses me the most is that the company are seemingly always trying to up the bar and develop new ways to offer fresh approaches and choices with the products that they are developing and marketing for their potential clientele.

One such product most certainly stands out amongst the rest that was unveiled two years ago at the largest Bbq industry trade show in North America called HPBA and that was the Pro Joe by Kamado Joe. Don’t let the average name fool you grillers as this cooker has features and benefits that practically rival anything already in its class and that class for the record to date is a class of two, Komodo Kamado and Kamado Joe.

Pro Joe comes to the dance with many a fine feature and a look all its own. If you’re the type who gets easily turned on in a grilling kinda way to objects incased in the highest quality stainless steel then this just might be the knight in shining armour you’ve been searching for all these years.

Pro Joe boasts a combined and impressive 905 sq. inches of total grilling space, higher thermal heat retention due to a  superior refractory recipe, precise air control down to the millimetre and thanks to signature ergonomics the Pro Joe and its perfectly counter balanced spring hinge booty system enables the griller to simply lift the 175lbs. lid with a pinky, no word of a lie.

Add to this entire equation a complete 2 tiered cooking system and solid 3/8″ thick 304 stainless main cooking grills and optional stainless steel table if need be and you’ve got more than just a heart stopping recipe for great steak my friends, you’ve got bling that’ll stop hearts dead in their tracks!

Ok, its time for some Van Halen and a vodka tonic! Would someone pass me a defibrillator please, I’m feeling weak in the knees and light in the head! Until that next fire dance my friends………..

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