Exquisite KK “Isla” Could Be Yours In Ottawa, Canada!!!

posted on April 13th 2014 in Groovy Gear with 0 Comments

Good Sunday morning grillers!

Well, its certainly not every day that I wake up and hear news that a most exotic and luxury oriented kamado styled cooker is up for sale and right here in my own back yard of Ottawa, Canada I might add, but that’s exactly what’s shaking on this fine morning.

Indeed, this 19.5″ beautiful outdoor grilling artifact is privately owned and has been cooked on four times. I personally know the cooker’s owner and the owner of the company I might add and I’ve had the pleasure of shooting an extensive few day’s of video which is in the final edit phase currently and the final cut will be released later this spring. For your viewing pleasure my grilling friends, here’s a teaser!

If you happen to have a desire and demand for all things high end and opulent and IF you happen to be designing that divine dream outdoor living space for you and yours this year then this just might be the cooker to take the over all aesthetic on your property up by 1000%! This coupled with the fact that the product produces succulent food every time you cook literally makes one feel like a king or queen in their own domain!

Over the years and since launching The Grateful Griller I’ve written many an article on my all out mind blowing fascination for Komodo Kamado products. People who know my blog and or who have experienced one of my parties know that when it comes to all things kamado oriented in Canada and beyond, this ain’t my first rodeo, if you know what I mean. You could say that I see myself as a “self confessed” industry expert on the subject matter of kamado and the Komodo product leaves me in ahh anytime I’m in its presence.

Indeed, the kamado cooker set me off on a personal expedition back in 2002 that I never would’ve or could’ve imagined being possible but here I am twelve years later and in many ways the journey only feels like its just beginning and its thanks to brands and products like the Komodo that I’ve learned as much as I have about the shear possibilities for the cooker & category!

This particular cooker comes complete with everything and anything you need in order to experience the height of luxury and the perfect match for it would be an individual or couple if not smaller family who like to entertain for smaller groups and or for themselves in their own private paradise.

The asking price of the vessel is $4500 all in, and delivery would be extra cost to the buyer for a safe and sound arrival. Here is a link to the Komodo Kamado site if you have never heard of the brand, https://www.komodokamado.com/ and enjoy your stay because there’s scad’s of incredibly detailed and useful information on their entire product line up and  a stunning gallery to help you become that much more familiar with their products.

For all serious inquiry’s and or offers please contact me directly and until we meet again, never stop feeding your fires friends!