Tom, Dick & Harry Have Eggs, But Wolfgang’s Gotta KK!

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Good Easter Sunday grilling friends!

I’m hoping all of you are enjoying fire side chats and great food with those who matter most this Easter weekend. A few weeks back a former client of mine got in touch with me to say hello and get some kamado advice from me which has inspired this latest post. He originally purchased an XL Primo, www.primogrills.com from me and has LOVED his new grilling lifestyle ever since.

Sadly, he gave me the news that he had recently lost his Father and he was setting his sights on doing something special to remember him by. Then we got onto the subject of upgrading his current Primo cooker to the Holy Grail of all kamado cookers, the Komodo Kamado, www.komodokamado.com. He went on to explain that he and his Dad used to cook all the time together and he simply wanted to do something that would pay the ultimate respect to his Father but also remind him that his Dad was on the deck with him in a spiritual kinda way whenever he cooked going forward.

I thought, WOW! Not only was this a cool and beautiful thought and gesture in tribute to this guy’s Dad but quite possibly the pinnacle of all actions to take if your this passionate about outdoor grilling and doing something this special to remember a loved one by. We got into further discussion about strategy and the Komodo product itself for which I’m a huge fan of. He went on to explain that as much as he loved his Primo he felt the need and desire to climb Everest in this regard, ( figuratively speaking of coarse) and go even bigger!!!


Well I said, as I took a deep breath, you need to explore the 32″ KK, a goliath of a cooker and dam well intimidating at first glance but the ultimate in build quality and engineering not to mention physical “grilling real estate” as I call it. What I’ve learned and been inspired by myself through the years with this particular product, (trendy category aside being driven by the likes of BGE), is that it’s so far ahead of everything else in category (including its price tag) that its actually mind boggling from an aesthetic perspective. From a functionality perspective, once again, it leaves one, at least me, positively gob smacked at the attention to microscopic detail that’s gone into the vessel.

It’s not so much that your food tastes that much better because it doesn’t. It certainly has proven to me however, over the years that as an exquisite Heirloom artefact, its perfect, and when fired, it comes to life and what better way to remember a deceased loved one by than with a device that literally breathes life into the food it cooks for you.

Komodo Kamado and its fearless owner Dennis Linkletter have set a precedent in my humble opinion with kamado production and if I were in the business of manufacturing a kamado today my first priority would be to certainly look to companies like KK to find ways and techniques to improve over all build quality.


Looking at the entire kamado category optimistically and without sounding like a belligerent cynic, build quality has to get better especially considering the prices that the majority of the other brands/ cookers sell for today in contrast and I think they’ve certainly come a very long way especially in the last five years since the boom in the niche category happened.

The bar has already been set very high by the likes of Komodo and there’s much to learn and borrow from the brand to make a better product on all levels that in the words of the late Gerry Garcia are “built to last” and more importantly, after death do us part.

This is one grateful griller who feels privileged to be front row and centre surrounded by the action! I wish you all a fantastic rest of this beautiful looking weekend where ever you reside and until our next fire side kamado chat,

Feed your fires!