Primo Unveils New Website and Takes A Bold Position In The Kamado Category!

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Greetings my grilling friends from far and wide on this fine yet chilly Friday afternoon here in this part of Canada!

Today I’m very happy to report some breaking news in the kamado category here in North America with the launch and unveiling  of the brand new website brought to us by the fine folks at Primo, USA. Not only have these guys stepped up with a fine fresh look and brand feel but they have also announced an incredible limited special offer on and with any of their existing oval models as well but more on this in a bit.

First, some facts! Primo was started by a man named George Samaras in 1986 after a very interesting rendez-vous with a kamado cooker and a turkey, yes I said turkey, as in the smoked kind, my favourite! After Georges tasted his first meal off the likes of a kamado cooker he, much like myself, was sold on not only the marvellous vessel but the cooking results that it produced!

As fate would have it, Georges set off to try and become a distributor of a particular brand of kamado in his native country of Greece but was turned down and immediately pivoted in a new direction to research ways to create his own kamado cooker and create it he did and the rest as they say my friends, is history!

grateful to be meeting the legend of the brand!

grateful to be meeting the legend of the brand!

I had the pleasure of meeting Georges for but a brief moment in time back in ’09 at the HPBA show in Orlando that year and he struck me as a genuinely straight up jovial guy who loved life as much as he loved the kamado cooker. In those days I was actually a retailer for the brand here in Canada and I’ve always privately respected the brand very much if for no other reason than it changed the game in category due to its unique oval shape and design which is something not many brands can boast doing today.

Primo’s patented oval shape and made in the USA story has never resonated more than in this day and age in my humble opinion since the economic bubble burst a few years back for very obvious reasons. The product is one of the only kamado’s produced in the US today (if ya didn’t already know) out of a brand new facility in Tucker, Georgia that boasts just over 92,000 sq. ft and two brand spanking new state of the art kilns that produce these fine cooking vessels.


Today, Primo are the title sponsor of the infamous Jack Daniels Invitational held in Tennessee every year. That coupled with the fact that the brand now has a licensing agreement in place with the ever so popular whiskey and a brand new XL oval model named after it that can be yours if you if you happen to roll this way!

Primo have also just launched an awesome additional oval model that conveniently positions itself between the junior oval and xl oval models and I must admit these guys have obviously been VERY busy in the last little while re-positioning themselves in a category that’s literally on the verge of massive take off in the ever so popular Bbq Industry.


While sales continue being soft across the board within the Bbq Industry with the likes of stainless steel contraptions that all kinda look the same to be very honest the kamado cooker represents the small guy and a niche market that’s proving season after season and year after year that small is in fact the new big and that’s really exciting!

Primo are celebrating the occasion and new season by offering a limited time offer and special on accessory bundles with every oval package and table sold between May6-12/14!!!! The brand have created a very cool promo offer that’s never been seen before by offering the equivalent gratis dollar amount in accessories in direct relation to the square inches of grill space you are investing in. So in other words invest in a 400 sq. inch cooking surface and receive $400 in free accessories to compliment that  cooker package!!!!!!!

Can we say AWESOMENESS never tasted or sounded so good!!!!!! Seriously friends, if you are interested and serious about investing in a quality kamado cooker then Primo should certainly be a brand that’s on your list to explore even further before making your investment and if you do happen to go all in, take it from this grateful griller you’ll be doing a lot more than simply whistling dixie and dancing a dynamite jig on your deck.

You’ll be part of a great and inspiring movement of people around the world who simply love sharing great food with family and friends while their kamado cooker does the rest!

Until we meet again, may all your plates be full and the vino flowing freely….

Feed your fires!