The Bbq Bible Is Here!

posted on May 8th 2014 in Groovy Gear with 0 Comments

Hey Grillers, if you love books about Barbecue but hate to read, stay with me for at least the next few paragraphs.

Imagine a beautifully crafted book, that puts you under a spell the second you see it, touch it, and open it. Now imagine taking apart that same book to grill your perfect meal.  

This is that book!


It’s called “Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco” which translates to “The Bible of Barbecue” and there are no words (pun intended) to express how completely brilliant it is. This masterpiece comes complete with (check this out); charcoal; a cutting board; salt; a knife sharpener; towel; apron; aluminum; a place mat, and (wait for it); a kitchen cloth to wipe everything down and clear the table when you’re done. Basically, everything you need for a cookout minus the Kamado and the food!

It’s produced by JWT Agency for Tramontina, a Brazilian cookware company that specializes in beautiful cookware, accessories and cutlery. All I can say is you just gotta love Brazil – food and passion at its peak! 

Only a few master Barbecue chefs were lucky enough to get a copy but a “simplified” version will be soon available in select Brazilian stores.

OK, that’s enough. I’m moving to Brazil!

Check out the sexy dirt on this wickedly cool and totally avant-garde video below.

Feed your fires!