To Mom, With Love…

posted on May 11th 2014 in Kamado Life with 0 Comments

roses are red, violets are blue this day wouldn't mean anything if it were not for you....

roses are red, violets are blue this day wouldn’t mean anything if it were not for you….

Earlier today, as I walked along the forest path with crisp air in my lungs and fresh earth under my boots, I could feel a new sense of inspiration with the arrival of spring and the oncoming summer.

I realized that I had to cook dinner. Not just any dinner – a special dinner for the only woman (apart from my own mother) who deserves all the credit on this very special day:


My wife, and mother to our only daughter, has been by my side relentlessly for the past fifteen for what I unfairly refer to as one “helluva” wild ride (poor woman)! As I continue down the forest path with the vision of this gorgeous woman in my head, I’m inspired to create a tasty menu on this clear spring day – consisting of local pork, green beans, and sweet potato mash; deliciously smoke-infused over a Kamado fire and lovingly glazed with the finest maple drizzle that money can buy.

As my eyes catch sight of the freshly sprouting buds on the trees, I’m inspired to keep the meal beautifully simple, much like the natural wonders that surround me. But there’s something missing… Flowers! I must get flowers! Not just any flowers – roses. Lusciously vibrant red roses that speak for themselves when cut, trimmed, and delicately placed in a vase and positioned on the kitchen island so that they’re the first thing to catch her eye when she arrives home later today.

I rush back from my woodland sojourn to make my list, and check it twice. First thing on that list are those flowers – the perfect way to say “Thank You” for everything she means to me and to celebrate this day with a lovingly cooked meal for the woman who matters most in my life.

To mothers everywhere, with all our love.