RU-GRATEFUL Movement In Motion For Cheo Foundation!

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Hello friends across Canada!

I thought I would simply chime in on this fine morning with a few updates on what to expect in the coming week as I drive both the RU-Grateful Movement forward and continue articulating the bigger picture plan as I draw attention to the current mission I’m on to raise as many dollars as I can for Cheo by Oct.1/15

First update! Thank-you so very much to all the fine folks out there who jumped on the chance to support the cause and purchase a tee-shirt right out of the gates as we headed down to Chicago on “The Grateful Pilgrimage Tour”!

This means so much to me, Trevor and Perry and this shirt and the second part of the timeframe to print them will be closing in the second week of August. This means you have a keepsake that in our humble view will be something of a limited edition piece of apparel that launched a great idea and cause that you all supported! A million thank-you’s to you all!


All tee’s will then be printed and produced and shipped out to all who got on board with us and YES, you are all entered into the draw to be held in October to win the grand prize being “The Ultimate Grateful Griller Party Experience” at your home, cottage or place of work!

The second update is as follows! A second generation tee-shirt will be produced now that the Tour to Chicago is over that reflects the new direction and purpose of the RU-Grateful Movement and Cheo drive as our first mission! The design on the front of the shirt will stay the same but the back will depict the current “mission” that I’m on for Cheo in this case and our mission words for the movement which are:

Gratefulness, Passion, Engagement and Paying It Forward……

These words have become the mantra of the RU-Grateful Movement and we love what they stand for and hope you all do as well! Future Tee’s will be available through www.gratefulgriller.com and all tee’s and the proceeds will be donated to the given mission that we are partnered with at that time.

Finally, we are hearing from many people who have liked us on FaceBook and started following our journey if we would accept cash donations instead of a tee-shirt purchase for the Cheo cause. The answer is YES INDEED!

There is however, a minimum of $30 donation to be eligible for the grand prize to make it fair for all who have supported us with tee-shirt purchases already and considering the size of the grand prize we feel $30 is a bargain and once again the money is going to a very important cause.

This does not mean that we will not accept a $5, $10 or $15 donation, we will, but it will simply mean you are not eligible for the draw prize but your donation will be greatly appreciated!

Our friends at Cheo are currently working on a full page story on our mission which will be ready next week and loaded and linked between “The Grateful Griller” and Cheo Foundation with a very easy link and ” donate button” to make your donation by credit card.

All $30 donations and people making them will be tracked and registered as well with Cheo in order to make the draw process easy and efficient!

Stay tuned for more from the movement and thanks so much for everyone’s support, kind words and encouragement since we launched this little idea!

Feed your fires friends!

The Grateful Griller