The Movement = RUGRATEFUL? The Mission = Cheo Foundation!

posted on July 25th 2015 in Griller's Words with 0 Comments


Hello friends and fellow grillers across Canada!

We’ve been back since July 7/15 and can finally say that “The Grateful Pilgrimage Tour” that inspired the RUGRATEFUL Movement down to Chicago to see The Grateful Dead play their final shows has been one of the very best personal initiatives of my life thus far and it truly feels like I’m just getting started!

The six day tour with my new life long friends Perry Zavitz and Trevor Stevenson was captured on video and with iphones for the most part and I will be starting to feed content to the R U Grateful FaceBook page asap! It was a trip which I will never forget and a way to get something of my personal bucket list while at the same time paying it forward for a great cause!

We were able to accomplish all goals on our journey, exception to getting the famous SkiLogik, Grateful Dead skis autographed by the band. Honestly, we knew that was a huge long shot BUT, I am determined to somehow, someway, connect with band management and find out if they will be generous to our cause so we can raise as much money as we can for such an amazing institution being Cheo before Oct.1/15!

The tour itself gave me much to reflect on as it relates to my own lot in this life and how by simply breaking bread with total strangers in the street you can change things for the better if not for for a brief moment in time. We were able to feed nearly 200 people over the coarse of three days in the parking lot scene made famous at Dead shows called ShakeDown St.



To be totally honest about it, we experienced so much in this scene in the heart of Chicago. The dark, the light, the rich, the poor, the old school true hippies and a younger, newer generation of youth looking for a community to simply belong to who knew very little about this iconic American band with such an incredible story.

We grilled some great food and simply asked people one question upon serving them. What are you grateful for? The answers were incredible and it opened up such rich discussion on such an important topic of gratefulness and gratitude.

I wish we could have captured it all on tape but we certainly captured enough to prove the point that being passionate about your cause and being grateful for what you have in life while engaging with people is a very powerful formula to simply pay it forward!

I will be posting daily with updates on how you can support our fundraising efforts through t-shirt sales and cash donations as we drive this mission and movement forward and for all who supported us with t-shirt sales right out of the gates on this idea that came together in less than four weeks, all we can say is thank-you so much for having faith in our mission!

Here are a few links to connect with me as well as purchasing t-shirts to be eligible for the grand prize draw to be held Oct. 2/15!


Until we meet again, keep feeding your fires!