Grateful Rookie Fundraiser Jumps In At Deep End Of Ocean & It Feels Great!

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Hello friends across Canada!

So there I was earlier this morning driving across the foothills of the Laurentian Mountains where I grew up headed back towards home just north of our Nation’s Capitol, Ottawa, Canada!

A thought occurred to me and bone chilling fear set in! What if I don’t reach my goal and I don’t raise enough funds for this latest drive for Cheo in Ottawa that I’m on a mission to achieve and I mean a MISSION!

I reacted the way I always do as well as David Lee Roth as rumour would have it, I reached down between my legs, eased the seat back, cranked the tunes and simply took a few breathes and tried to put the last few weeks into perspective because they were monumental on all levels!

I saw the Grateful Dead play two of their final shows in Chicago, IL. and one in particular was on July 4 at Soldier’s Field Stadium with my new found friend Trevor Stevenson! I’ve been a fan of this band for almost thirty years and these were my very first shows if you all can believe it! Talk about winning a Super Bowl ring of entry to rock concerts!


I had to think of something to pay it all forward based on the euphoria I was feeling at the reality of landing these tickets from my new found friend “Jack Straw” from Ottawa! That’s when it hit me to call up my friend Jacqueline at Cheo, articulate my idea which at the time was as scattered as a pile of domino’s on a hardwood floor!

She was as patient as Jobe with me through all the calls and passion coming through the phone like a scud missile on and somewhat off target I must admit, but needless to say, it had a truly positive intended direction! Ha! Ha!

Bottom line my friends was that we had an epic life changing six day tour to Chicago that was one for the record books and one that my merry team of pranksters and I crafted so that we could somehow, someway, pay it forward for both humankind and the Cheo Foundation back in Ottawa and we accomplished that part of the mission I’m happy to report!

We were able to feed a few hundred people over three days in the parking lot scene called “Shakedown St”. as well as spread the good word on this little idea of a new movement appropriately called “RU-Grateful” in an attempt to get a Nation simply talking about a topic I personally don’t think we talk about enough, gratefulness and gratitude!


What’s more my friends is that I think I just might be on to something with this little idea because although I’d never be so cocky to claim being an expert on the topic of fundraising, I do feel I have a few things to say and share when it comes to passion to pay it all forward in this life!

Therefore, is this a project in motion? Yes!

Is it going to evolve as the days and weeks pass? Yes!

Am I confident I can raise a bodacious amount of money for an absolutely amazing cause by Oct. 1/15 with the patience and help and support of a lot of awesome people? Yes!

Am I learning as I go on the trials and tribulations of spear heading what I’d like to believe could become a National campaign and converstaion? Yes!

Is it all worth it? Yes!

Do I wish I had six months prior to this road trip and idea to plan? Yes!

Does it matter anymore? No!

Then, what truly matters?

Honestly, the idea and notion that each and every one of us can change the world in a big or small way everyday in order to make it a better place and all it takes is the passion, perseverance, vision and sincerity that what you’re doing is meant to pay it all forward in a truly positive way!

This is why I declare myself a proud “rookie” fund raiser who has just jumped into a very, very deep body of water and is only now starting to learn how to tread that water and navigate the tides and frankly my friends, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!!!!!!

Until we meet again!

Feed your fires!