Your Party – My Passion

The Grateful Griller is a mobile and full service catering/party concept inspired by my adventures with the Kamado cooker. My team and I are passionate about creating unique and delicious party experiences for every one of our clients!

Your party is a time to savour the foods, cold drinks, great music and a time to enjoy and embrace your family, friends and guests! My team and I love to serve and entertain and I strive to ensure that everyone comes away inspired with fond memories of a great party!

Be it an anniversary, birthday, wedding, celebration of life, retirement, stag, bon voyage bash or perhaps you want to simply throw a unique not to mention awesome party to remember at your house, cottage or even your place of work rest assured, you’ve found the right concept that can make it happen for you!

- The Grateful Griller




Options, Pricing, Menu, Payments, Extras


– Starting at $60 PER PERSON (pre-tax & gratuity)

If you wanna go big, then walk this way and please, come hungry!

  • 6 appetizer’s from our menu
  • 2 entree’s from our menu
  • 2 side salads from our menu
  • 1 dessert
  • 2-3 awesome servers! (varies on party size)
  • all grilling equipment
  • all serving platters etc…
  • 2 x 6ft. folding serving tables with table cloths
  • one time personal consultation and pre-party site inspection
  • 8 hours on location on the day of the party


– Starting at $50 PER PERSON (pre-tax & gratuity)

We call this option the “little brother” for a reason. There’s a little less food but the same amount of passion as we roll on site!

  • 5 appetizer’s from our menu
  • 1 entree from our menu
  • 1 side salad from our menu
  • 1 dessert
  • 2 awesome servers! ( varies on party size)
  • all grilling equipment
  • all serving platters etc…
  • 2 x 6ft. folding serving tables with table cloths
  • one time personal consultation and pre-party site inspection
  • 8 hours on location on the day of the party


– Starting at $40 PER PERSON (pre-tax & gratuity)

So, you and your crew want to get at the “meat of the matter” without side salads or dessert? No worries as this is the way you’ll want to roll! You bring the appetite and we’ll bring the love and service as always and we’ll even throw in the plates, cutlery and napkins as well!

You can even add the griller’s salmon, pork or chicken for anther $5 per person if you wish cus some people can’t resist the craving!!!!!

  • choose any 6 appetizer’s from our menu above
  • two awesome servers!
  • all grilling equipment
  • all serving platters
  • all eco-friendly plates, cutlery, napkins
  • 1 spare cooler for all your drinks
  • 2 x 6ft. serving tables with table clothes
  • 4 hours on location

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 30 guests are required for all party options and a 50% deposit is required upon booking your party date. We accept M/C & Visa and process payments via as well as “E”money-transfer to make things that much easier and secure and we provide all our clients with final invoices.


VERY IMPORTANT: At The Grateful Griller we take any and all food related allergies VERY seriously. It is for this reason that we ask our clients to please specify with us, ANY known food related allergies with your guests well in advance of your party taking place.

We CANNOT and WILL not guarantee that our kamado grills are free of trace elements of certain foods that are high on allergy lists such as shellfish, nuts and shrimp. We are more than motivated to accommodate anyone in your party that needs that extra bit of attention in this regard so please make us aware and we will take good care of you!


The Menu:


  • Art Is In Dynamite Loaves – fresh and the best bread in the Nation’s Cap! rosemary/garlic or potato/dill, both are simply delectable!
  • Viva Bruschetta –  made fresh with local Italian love!
  • Tzatiki –  as rich in garlic inspired cultural flavor as it is in its creamy texture, it’s an odyssey for the taste buds!
  • GTO PopDarts – kosher dills wrapped in bacon, smoked, salted and maple drizzled, bliss!
  • GG’s Brie – a triple cream wheel of baked heaven, maple drizzled, adorned with seasonal berries!
  • Griller’s Porto Paradise – colossal portobello caps, bathed in rich balsamic and maple syrup, fire roasted and sliced thick for your pleasure!
  • G’s Salt Lime Jumbo Shrimps – beautiful, easy and ever so delicious! Dashed with smoked Malden Salts and lime juice and mayyyybe just a drop of Sambuca!
  • Grateful Wings – they’re big, they’re local and they melt in your mouth! served and tossed in either “Stu’s Penn Gold” sauce or “Meat Mitch’s Naked” sweet sauce!
  • Sausage Teasers – pork based and locally produced, these bite sized morsels of heaven are fresh on the day and its impossible to have just one! accents of mild curry and maple syrup, smoked Malden Salt and finished in “Meat Mitch’s Whomp” sauce make them simply genius!
  • G-2 Sea Scallops – OMG! comes to mind with just one bite of these mammoth “Bay Of Fundy” beauties that are perfectly seasoned and finished with a dash of smoked Malden salts and a squeeze of lime, BANG!


  • Grateful Griller’s Signature Salmon –  a sweet, smoke infused, melt in your mouth experience that after one bite will prove why this is my signature dish!
  • Pork Tender Gone-G – local, sweet, salty, grilled to perfection and finished off with a Grand Marnier infused maple drizzle!
  • Griller’s Boneless Fowl Play – the pinnacle of flavour and  locally raised chicken by none other than the wonderful folks at “Saveurs Des Monts” these chicken thighs are winning many a fan over with every party thrown! Succulent is only the beginning of how tasty these thighs are, seasoned, salted and finished with a wee bit of Rum I might add!


  • G’s Garden Salad – bursting with unique flavours and colours, it defines delicious! A blend of spring mix, endive, basil and arugula come together with sweet red onion, strawberries, shaved almonds, feta and toasted sesame seeds and drizzled with a rich tamari dressing!
  • Griller’s Quinoa Salad – healthy, hearty and full of YUM!
  • Asian Sensation Salad –  a light, tangy and over the top delicious magic carpet ride of  flavours! Vermicelli noodles dance with sweet red  peppers, baby green onions and toasted sesame seeds and finished with a slightly sweet and sour dressing that’s fit for the kamado gods!
  • GG’s Cous Cous –  saffron, cloves, sultana raisins and shaved carrots compliment the finest blended grains that make up this delectable and colorful dish!
  • Beet/Feta Fantasy Salad – colourful, tasty and oh so yummy! Barley based and blended with feta and seasonal beets this salad always keeps people coming back for more!


  • La Toque’s 2Bite Macarons – the best two bites you’ll ever know and experience in the world of desserts, simply show stopping!!!
  • Kerri’s Ginger Cream Cookies – one of the most popular dessert offerings and so yummy, simple, delectable!
  • G’s Triple Threat Brownie – I can’t take credit for making these babies but I will say they are my personal favourite! If ya got a thing for chocolate, say no more and enjoy the ride!

The Extras: