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Grateful Griller - BBQ
Grateful Griller - BBQ
Grateful Griller - BBQ


I grew up in the Laurentian Mountains in the Eastern part of Canada surrounded by nature, and vast beautiful landscapes hence I love and live an outdoor lifestyle to this day and draw so much inspiration from it.

Family, food and fire have been central and visceral themes as well as anchor points in my life thus far.
Those who know me, call me “griller” and those who have eaten off my cookers know that salmon is my signature dish amongst other fine smoke infused fare. I’m a self confessed music junkie and ski bum who’s been on a long strange trip inspired by fire and food for quite some time now.

I hold fast to the notion of truly celebrating each passing day to the fullest and to do it with family, friends and clients alike with freedom and a full heart is certainly a privilege I do not take for granted.

Grateful Griller - Grilling

Grillers Perspective

A nomadic raconteur inspired by my adventures with fire, food and music.


Events Update:

“Just like that, everything changed for all of us back in March of 2020. Personally, as I reflect, it was a year of mainly sadness where everything simply came to an indefinite and abrupt halt. It was scary, things felt volatile, unpredictable and the aftermath that followed and still follows has certainly been unprecedented to say the least.

I have made the very difficult decision once again as I did back in 2020 to hold fast to the notion that although we will all be celebrating en masse again in good time, timing and total health MUST remain my priorities as a local caterer therefore I will not be open for any event specific business in 2021 as it stands now.

Instead, I will be totally focussed on preparing for 2022 in many creative ways as it relates to my brand, my blog, product development, video production and the return of what many people in the region have come to know as "The Grateful Griller Party Experience"! With my new site up and running I have finally found some fresh creative mojo that admittedly went MIA for awhile but getting back to writing and telling tales of the road, fire, smoke, food and celebration will be fun and hopefully entertaining along the way!

Naturally, it goes without saying that I will be closely following the news on Covid and updates as well as the progress we are making as a Nation with specific regard to the vaccine and its success as it rolls out.

Any and all charity based commitments I have made in the past few seasons prior to the pandemic specifically related to "Cheo Ski Day For Kids" and "The Boys & Girls Club" of Ottawa as it relates to products and or services will be fulfilled in good and safe time. Rest assured I’m here for you and won’t forget you or the generous donations made at either charities that involved my brand.

I wish everyone visiting this site as well as friends and clients past and present continued health, happiness and prosperity and the strength and courage not to mention optimism it will take to see us through these times.

Sincerely feeding fires since 2008,

Michael Shannon- The Grateful Griller


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