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This story and personal journey began back in the summer of “02 when I was first introduced to The Kamado cooker. I experienced an epiphany moment when I tasted my first steak off the grill of this unusually weird yet simple ceramic device.  Having grown up in a very loving food centric household and having an appreciation for delicious food from a very young age I knew instinctively at that moment that both my personal and business lives were about to change forever and they did indeed!

I started travelling and researching the topic of kamado cookers which provided me further insight into the subject matter. I soon realized that an industry unto itself was spawning and I was playing a passionate role bringing awareness about the cooker to a larger audience and my obsession was solidified. It also inspired my brand slogan, “gto” or, “grilled to obsession”, ironically my favourite ride from the 70’s as well!

By ’08 I launched my brand, blog and retail component out of the back seat of my VW delivering these kamado styled cookers to my clientele. My added service of demonstrating, educating and cooking that first casual deck side meal for my clients was inspiring, fun and extremely gratifying for me.

It provided the stage and confidence I needed to grill for a paying public. Word of mouth travelled swiftly about the guy who calls himself “griller” and his deck side parties delivered right to your door

In 2010 I decided to depart from retail and focus my sights and efforts on further developing my personal brand, this site and “The Grateful Griller Party Experience” which is a direct extension of the blog today. Over the next few seasons I took up part time residency at a funky little bar called Kaffe 1870 in the village of Wakefield, QC.

It was there where my relentless desire to continue entertaining people and grilling delicious food intensified for me, and the rest as they say, is history.

Today I strive towards creating unique and personalized party experiences and engaging with people throughout the world on the subject matter of fire and food and other fantastic gadgets and gear that will enhance your deck side lifestyle.

When I’m not dancing with fire or entertaining my clients I’m dreaming of skiing that next line or traversing across white landscapes in my off season, listening to endless amounts of music and concocting that next recipe! 

Inspiring people to embrace fire and celebrate life amidst, food, family and friends is truly what drives my passion!

Thank-you for visiting and feed your fires!

The Grateful Griller

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