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Contemplating Covid, Inner Chaos And An Uncertain Immediate Future, Part 1.....

Updated: Mar 2

It was early March 2020, business as usual at the ski shop, the days were getting longer, the sun beating down on our faces on the weekend ski demo's felt good and it was the time in the season where my focus starts to move towards late Spring, Summer and the next party season as The Grateful Griller, ahhhh bliss!

Mid March approaches, the International news isn't comforting. What is this Corona Virus we keep hearing about and Covid? Sounds like an alien wanting to invade our country from far away and cause havoc, illness and utter chaos to the point of bringing life to an utter stand still and business to a halt! I'm informed on the following Monday that the Demo Ski Tour is done, three weeks earlier than expected, something strange and scary is in the air.

March 18, 2020, a beautiful day, sun shining, Spring in the air but that's not all. A looming darkness, business's starting to board up, close and for how long we do not know. In fact the not knowing and silence in the local streets is very uncomfortable. After all this is the time of year where you smell those food smells and feel the good vibes that this season normally brings as people dream of wearing Bermudas and flip flops yet again for the next five months!

End of day and my shift at the shop and little did I know then that it would be my last shift at the shop ever and forever a new path in my life. As I drive out of the parking lot my cell rings, its my brother. I'm heading to do what I love to do, grab a pint and ponder what I'm going to be grilling in a few hours. Instead, I learn that Dad has had a terrible fall head first down the stairs back home where we are from north of Montreal.

I shift into high gear and put the pedal to the floor and head home to assess the situation. Good news, Dads alive but looks as if he's been severely beaten with a baseball bat by some thug in a dark alley. At 88 years of age, he's fallen head first down the stairs, what a mess but nothing compared to what this soldier has been through in his long and fascinating life.

I settle in and get to work tending to his injuries and prepping the truck for an immediate visit to emerge and tell myself, I'll be here a few days, get comfortable. By Sunday the 22nd, Dad's comfortable and I'm homeward bound to the Nation's Cap and in need of some much needed rest and down time and perhaps a few shots to take the edge off the last few days.

I arrive home, light my cooker, season the steaks, pour those shots, look at my girlfriend and realize in that moment how fortunate I am despite the looming uncertainty about the current global vibe, it just feels off and its now grating on my nerves. If only I knew then what was coming my way, what would I do? What could I do? What could any of us do?

24 hours later, I'm abruptly woken by my cell ringing. Its 8am and I'm instantly full of adrenaline and its surging through my veins like an out of control rally car! My heart sinks, I reach for my phone and all my immediate thoughts are of my Dad, this is the call I was dreading, this is everything I was afraid of and its all about to go down........

To Be Cont'd.........

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