• Michael Shannon

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger, Right?

Updated: May 3, 2021

Remember that old saying folks? Well now, since Covid hit us and hit us really hard, especially those of us in food and beverage and the event sector, I've been thinking about it hard and losing lots of sleep over it if I'm being honest, like really HONEST!

Personally, Covid did kill me in a sense, well not me personally, yet, but certainly my business at least temporarily. The hurt that this virus has caused has been monumental but what's next? Is that it? Game over? Throw in the towel time? I'll be damned if I throw in my towel anytime soon on the notion that I won't be throwing parties anytime soon but the agonizing pace of life simply trickling by for almost a year has felt, at times, agonizing, that's for sure! Can you all relate?

Ok, so then, what to do, what to do? While ripping turns the other day and listening to some old school punk I felt angry, ( go figure, Henry Rollins does that to me) and happy and believe it or not inspired for the first time in quite awhile! Yeah, I thought to myself with each chairlift ride up, to hell with this pathetic attitude of mine that in good time things will return to normal, we'll all be gathering again, it's all going to be fine in good time. Whatever!!!!!!!

Instead, and without actually knowing what the "new normal" will be or look like (whatever that means) as it relates to parties and events I've decided and am now acting and focussing on all the things I'm truly passionate about in a bit of a different way. I'm getting them out there in every single way possible and this time around paying much closer attention to making all this tech work in my favour, I hope!

I'm learning more about producing a podcast, new approaches to creative videos, perhaps posting some recipes, crafting better Instagram and FaceBook content and trying to creatively write in a more refined way, ( that means no run on sentences griller and shorter posts! LOL!)

It's just me and my way of throwing up,( figuratively speaking) all over my laptop and hammering on the keypad out of total frustration for this state of affairs that's smacked us all upside the head BIG TIME! Regardless I do find the creative writing therapeutic frankly!

I will admit however, that with all the frustration has come moments of clarity, inspiration, fresh creative ideas and avenues to get another angle of my passion as it relates to food, fire, and ultimately "The Grateful Griller Party Experience" out to the world at large! As you'd all expect the last on the list is the one that truly fuels my belly fire! I have always loved the party!

I confess, I am doing all I can to learn these new ways to grow, evolve and share in order to inspire and to always remain passionate to the core about what it is I do wether it kills me or not!

Until we meet again and at all costs, feed your fires people,


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